Faro Fires Up After Dark

Faro is the place most people who arrive by air in the Algarve first encounter. It is a lively place, and, as a student town, really comes to life at night. However, anyone heading to the town for the first time will not know where the hottest parties are to be found.

To get an idea of the kind of bars and restaurants that Faro posseses, newcomers should go for a walk. There are several streets which will give you a great flavour of the kind of night life on offer. Head to Rua do Prior, Rua Conselheiro Bivar and Rua Infante Dom Henrique, and you can sample what is available.

There is a good range of venues and you should be able to find somewhere to suit, whether you want somewhere to party until dawn, or just for a quiet drink.

One of the most popular haunts for party goers in Faro is at Bar Upa Upa especially when the weather is good. Thankfully, in the Algarve the weather is warm most of the time, which is great for the customers at Upa Upa as there is an open terrace to enjoy. This venue is located at Rua Conselheiro BĂ­var 51 and is a top venue when it comes to the kind of nightlife Faro offers.

For anyone who wants to do more dancing, there is a disco type club called Dux. If you consider yourself a highly fashionable, sophisticated type of visitor, then you may want to head to T-clube.

This is a venue for the smartly dressed ‘jetset’ types though, so be prepared to pay prices to match. It is also wise to dress up smartly, you cannot get in here in shorts and a T-shirt.

Of course, the Algarve is home to several towns which are close to Faro and also offer some great night time entertainment. If you head a bit further afield to Estrada de Vilamoura in Albufeira, then you can find Kadoc. This is a massive venue, which can hold as many as 8000 people. The heavy metal group Iron Maiden recently played here, and it was a memorable occasion by all accounts.

The nightlife Faro provides is lively and has a good mix of venues. Whatever your preference is for relaxing at night, you should be able to find something to suit. The Portuguese are a welcoming and hospitable people and wherever you end up you may well end up finding a few long lost friends that you didn’t even know that you had.

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