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Faro Festivals And Events

Popular Faro Events taking place in 2014 for the more sporty people include Motorcycle rallies, tennis tournaments, bike rides, rugby and football events. The Faro International Motorcycle Rally is a very big festival and is known throughout Europe. This happens in July. The Faro POR F1 Tennis tournaments is in February. Algarve Sevens Rugby is during July. The Guadiana International Trophy, which is a football tournament occurs during July. “Movers & Shakers Algarve bike rides” is a walking and biking event that happens in December.

For those who are interested in culture there is ballet, theater, art and music. The Ballet that will be performed is Coppelia and will performed in June. The CinePraia is a beach cinema festival and this will take place in July and August. One of the big music festivals is the Popular Saints Parade where there is dance, food and drinks to celebrate some of the big Saints. This is happening in June. A big sculpture exhibition, called “‘9 kings, 9 studies’ by Villares ” is happening from March to June. The big Theater piece performed this year is Romeo and Juliet and takes place in June.

A music and food festival not to be missed is the ” 19th Festival of the Ria Formosa”. This is a seafood festival with the opportunity to let your taste buds explore all the creatures of the ocean. Liberation day is a day for celebrations. This is celebrated with music and festivities in April.  In August the annual festival of the town “FolkFaro” takes place. This festival has different forms of entertainment.

Another big festival is the “Feira dos Doces, Frutos Secos e Bebidas Regionais” which is a festival of sweets, drinks and dried fruits. This occurs in the last two weeks of August. A festival of celebrating the elevation from town to city occurs during the first two weeks of September. This festival is called “Festas do Concelho / Comemorações do Dia da Cidade” and involves sports, music and exhibitions. A festival to celebrate the various forms of art occurs in the last two weeks of October. This festival focuses on craft work, art, exhibitions. It’s focus is also on family entertainment. It is called “Feira de Santa Iria in Largo de S. Francisco”

Faro is certainly rich in culture, music and sports. Do not miss these unique celebrations.

Faro Fires Up After Dark

Faro is the place most people who arrive by air in the Algarve first encounter. It is a lively place, and, as a student town, really comes to life at night. However, anyone heading to the town for the first time will not know where the hottest parties are to be found.

To get an idea of the kind of bars and restaurants that Faro posseses, newcomers should go for a walk. There are several streets which will give you a great flavour of the kind of night life on offer. Head to Rua do Prior, Rua Conselheiro Bivar and Rua Infante Dom Henrique, and you can sample what is available. There is a good range of venues and you should be able to find somewhere to suit, whether you want somewhere to party until dawn, or just for a quiet drink.

One of the most popular haunts for party goers in Faro is at Bar Upa Upa especially when the weather is good. Thankfully, in the Algarve the weather is warm most of the time, which is great for the customers at Upa Upa as there is an open terrace to enjoy. This venue is located at Rua Conselheiro Bívar 51 and is a top venue when it comes to the kind of nightlife Faro offers.

For anyone who wants to do more dancing, there is a disco type club called Dux. If you consider yourself a highly fashionable, sophisticated type of visitor, then you may want to head to T-clube. This is a venue for the smartly dressed ‘jetset’ types though, so be prepared to pay prices to match. It is also wise to dress up smartly, you cannot get in here in shorts and a T-shirt.

Of course, the Algarve is home to several towns which are close to Faro and also offer some great night time entertainment. If you head a bit further afield to Estrada de Vilamoura in Albufeira, then you can find Kadoc. This is massive venue, which can hold as many as 8000 people. The heavy metal group Iron Maiden recently played here, and it was a memorable occasion by all accounts.

The nightlife Faro provides is lively and has a good mix of venues. Whatever your preference is for relaxing at night, you should be able to find something to suit. The Portuguese are a welcoming and hospitable people and wherever you end up you may well end up finding a few long lost friends that you didn’t even know that you had.

Three Of The Best Beaches Near Faro City

Faro, in the Algarve region of Portugal, has some really beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy. With the weather in the area so good, and for so much of the year, some of the best beach experiences in the whole of Europe are found here on Portugal’s southernmost tip.

Many of the beaches near Faro city are known as ‘ilhas’, basically, sandspits that make up the edges of the lagoons and marshlands of the Ria Formosa. Many of the beaches are reached by ferry boat, travel by which can be an interesting and scenic experience in itself.

However, the main beach near Faro City, known as the Praia de Faro, is connected to the mainland with a road, making it probably the most accessible of the lot. This is also the closest beach to the airport, so is probably the first one you will see on arrival in Faro.

Also known as Faro-Mar or Ilha de Faro, this is basically an island, with an awful lot crammed onto it. With a lagoon on one side and the sea on the other. The lagoon is popular with water sports enthusiasts and swimmers. On the ocean side, the beach is long and golden, with a paved promenade that makes it very accessible.

Ilha da Barreta, sometimes known as Ilha Deserta, is one of the better known of the sandspit beaches in the area. This is a 30 minute or so ferry trip from ther mainland, with the ferry usually running daily throughout the year. This is a largely uninhabited beach area, apart from one resturant, and is therefore popular with day trippers who are looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet.

The Ilha da Culatra is reached by taking the ferry to Farol, which runs more often than that to the Ilha Deserta and there are also 24 hour water taxis operating here. The beaches here are attractive but a little more lively than at other locations. There is also a great variety of places to eat and drink and this is a great place to come to socialise.

These three beaches form a nice contrasting choice of options for anyone holidaying near Faro. Whether you want to spend a day on the sand, bronzing in the sun while reading quietly, or you would prefer to splash around in the water with plenty of friends, you will be able to find somewhere to suit you near Faro.

Faro Offers Much More Than Fish

Faro is one of the best places in Portugal to explore cuisine. Located down in the Algarve, its proximity to the coastline means that there is some fantastic sea food and fish to be found. However, there are many more flavours to discover here rather than just what comes from the ocean.

A massive amount of fish of various kinds is landed each day in Faro and nearby, so it is no surprise that many of the dishes you will encounter in restaurants are based on fish, with sardines especially popular. Cod also forms the basis of many traditional Portuguese dishes, while octopus, squid, clams, prawns and oysters can also be found in great quantity and quality.

Grilled sardines are often served with potatoes, vegetables and salad. Bacalhau, a cod dish, is also very popular, and you will find that almost every household has its own recipe for the dish, all of which are claimed as the most authentic possible. Chicken dishes are also very popular in traditional Portuguese restaurants in Faro. Chicken piri-piri, which utilises tiny chili peppers as its key ingredient, is a popular way of eating chicken, which is also frequently barbecued.

Another, much heavier, way of eating meat in the Algarve is in the form of Feijoada, a type of stew which contains beans, pork, bacon and sausage, and originally cam from Brazil. Another outside influence on the region’s cuisine can be detected in Cataplana. This is a Moorish dish in origin, cooked in a distinctive copper pot. It is a mix of seafood, usually with clams featured, which is cooked with spicy sausage, tomatoes, wine, garlic and herbs. Beef lovers will enjoy a dish known as Bife à Portuguesa, where steak is cooked in a clay dish, topped with smoked ham and served on a bed of French fries.

Portuguese deserts are excellent, and anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy ending their meal with dishes such as Pudim Flan, which is a local version of creme caramel. Almonds form the basis of many of the flavours, and tarts are popular. The local wine is of variable quality, but is more than drinkable, while port is the traditional end to a meal. For something stronger, try Aguardente, a potent local brandy, or Medronho, a fiery spirit made from strawberries.

As with anywhere in Portugal, finding your own produce is possible in one of the many supermarkets in Faro. The best way to find exactly what it best though is to learn some Portuguese and ask the locals. They will probably also know the best restaurants too.

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